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The social impact platform fuelled by collaboration

The climate crisis isn’t any one person's fault. Collectively we have the power to make a difference. Taking climate action has been a boring charitable event. We believe it’s an opportunity to come together for the fun collaborative building of our digital selves.

How it works

Empowering you to make an impact

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Decide how you make impact - an upfront payment or a deposit that creates ongoing contributions.

Build impact identity

All the actions you take will be reflected in your impact identity that you customize and display with your friends.

Grow your community

Invite your friends to build your climate guild and meet new ones that share a similar digital identity and values.

Get exclusive rewards

Receive access to exclusive rewards via Return’s ecosystem partners to enhance your impact identity.

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Supporting verified climate projects


Rimba Raya Biodiversity Project

Preserving the forests of Indonesia in the Tanjung Puting National Park


Cordillera Azul National Park REDD Project

Avoiding deforestation in the lowlands and montane forests of Peru


Jiangxi Province Le'an County Forest Farm Carbon Sink Project

Improving the management of protected forestry in China

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You’ve got the questions, we’ve got the answers!


How do you choose climate projects?

We only choose the most impactful on-chain climate solutions. We leverage projects with the highest professional and independent ratings provided by BeZero. All of our projects must meet the highest international standards for certified carbon offsetting, and be verified through the Verified Carbon Standard, or the Gold Standard.

Can climate change be stopped by just offsetting?

Climate change can’t be stopped through one single solution, it takes collective creativity and dedication to succeed. Carbon offsetting isn’t the only solution, but it is one of the key parts of the overall plan. Governments and corporations are actively working on climate change, but this takes time, bureaucratic processes and a lot of capital. Offsetting allows you to take your footprint off the planet, today. This is why Return started here. The Return community should still try to adopt climate friendly lifestyles and support broader global initiatives. A combined strategy of both reducing our footprint and offsetting what we can’t is the optimal solution. It’s crucial that we work on every front to make our society carbon neutral.

What is an Impact Identity?

An impact identity is a digital, untradeable NFT to demonstrate your commitment to the climate after taking action through the Return platform. We believe everyone should be rewarded for doing their part for the planet and this is one of the key ways we are providing that reward, via social proof. You can display your impact identity to friends and achieve different tiers of impact. This will transform it visually over time as you compete with the community to reach the top tier first!

How is my individual carbon footprint calculated?

We are able to calculate your blockchain associated carbon footprint through our internally developed emissions calculation methodology. When taking into account your overall carbon footprint, we use averages calculated by the Nature Conservancy which estimate the average individual in the United States to have a carbon footprint of around 16 tonnes.

How do I create an account?

There are two ways for you to create an account on the Return platform. If you have an existing blockchain wallet, you can easily connect this at multiple points throughout the platform. We provide a shortcut for connecting a MetaMask wallet, but support others via Web3Auth. If you do not own an existing blockchain wallet, you can simply create an account using your email address. If you need support, feel free to contact us at

Don’t just take it from us

All the actions you take will be reflected in your Impact Identity which you can customize and display with your friends.

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